Friday, May 18, 2007


Happy Early Father's Day!

So I came home today after saying goodbye to everyone that I have worked with the last 2 years, and found my Real Simple magazine in my mailbox. I immediately saw that it was the new June issue. I started tearing it apart looking for something in particular. I flipped through and flipped through, until there it was...on the very top of page 46, in a special color and font was exactly what I was looking for! I had made the magazine!! A couple of months ago, I saw in a previous issue that they were asking their readers what the best piece of advice your father ever gave you was, and I remembered something funny that my dad told me once that has since become a family joke. I wrote in. The next day or so they called me to confirm that yes, my dad did tell me that, and to let me know that it was being considered for the June issue. Looks like it was chosen, and my father's parenting skills will forever be in print in a national magazine! I hope it helps guide you in your choices as well. Happy early Father's Day!

New beginnings all around!

Hello everybody!

It has been a few months since we last blogged. And so much has happened! Let me fill you in.

Chris and I are BOTH changing jobs! Chris has already started his and is on cloud nine. He got his dream job. A company that makes all varieties of bike parts named SRAM is located here in Colorado Springs, and Chris was just hired on there as a tech writer. It is such a good fit for him. He basically gets to spend all day every day around bike parts (that he knows backwards and forwards anyways) studying them, playing with them, and then writing about them. They have incentives for him to ride his bike to work. They have offices all over the world, so he is going to get to go to some amazing places as a result. He couldn't be happier, and I couldn't be happier for him! I am certainly loving coming home to him in the evenings and he is just so excited saying "guess what I did today!"

I will be starting a new job as well on Monday. I just finished up at my old job today in fact! My new job title is "Direct Marketing Manager." I will work for a company called HDI, which stands for "Help Desk Inc." Basically, HDI works for companies that have help desks, training their customer service reps. They will either go directly to a company that has a large enough help desk, or they host trainings all across the country that companies can send their help desks to. They get people to come to their trainings by sending out mailing, which is what I will be managing. It is pretty close to what I have been doing which is great. I am so excited to get started.

Maggo is doing well. She is loving the warmer weather because she gets to be outside more. After all of our hard work last summer, just about everything we planted has come back. Our yard is just blooming all over! We have a little bit left to do this year, but honestly not much. Just patch some spots in our grass, and continue to fill in the gardens. Our current house project is re-doing our kitchen. I got a start by painting all of the cabinets white. Once we get going at our jobs and start getting paid regularly again, we plan to put in granite tiles on the countertop. We will post some pictures of everything in a couple of months.

Chris is telling me it is time to go to the homebrew shop so I must sign off. He just made a batch of "dunkelweissen" which is a German ale. It needs to be transferred to one of our kegs. Talk to you all again soon!