Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tour de France 2005

Sorry, we had to repost this because some idiot left a spam comment. Jerks

Chris and I have been watching the tour all month (I have seen most of it. I had to take a 2 day hiatus while I sped through the new Harry Potter book.) It has been pretty exciting, and barring no accidents or illnesses, Lance should have his 7th win (knock on wood!). One of our favorite parts of watching the tour is listening to the commentators Paul and Phil. They are two English guys who rode the tour themselves years ago. When they get really excited about what is going on, they throw in these incredibly funny and random sentences to describe the action. This year, we have done a good job of documenting our favorites. The list is below!

All the shadowboxing is over now!
…as the race continues to cross swords out on the highway.
Like a strawberry or carrot in front of a donkey.
They came out today with very sharp teeth!
The pack are hunting them down.
They are making a meal of this.
What a pretty set of traffic lights we are!
Paul – did the explanation of the tour route for the day in an American accent. It was hilarious!
When you pop, you are completely out. There’s no sound. There’s no more power coming up from the engine room.
Could be a little bit of a rocker (pronounced “rock-ah”)
All of a sudden, the lights went out.
His face is twisted in pain.
They went down like a pack of cards.
Their tails will be up now!
He rode like a sack of potatoes.
Throwing out the sandbags and asking for a bit of mercy.
A real leg breaker.
Lance Armstrong sitting in his armchair with his 8 teammates around him.
Dancing on the pedals.
These are the guys who work like Trojans.
Shredding the legs off of the other riders.
This man is made of rubber. He has yo-yoed on and off the back all day.
Everyone will ride in their own personal purgatory.
And finally…my favorite…
He has really dug deep into his suitcase of courage!