Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a boy!

Today was my 20 week appointment and a really fun one too. We were due for another ultrasound, and the baby was big enough to determine the sex. We went in and got settled with the technician and the equipment. They had 2 TV screens in the room so that while the tech worked, I could watch what she was doing. It was great! We spent a full 30 minutes just looking at the baby from all angles. I loved every minute of it! The tech started off by taking lots and lots of measurements. The goal was to see if the baby was developing according to where it should be. She explained everything as she went. What was really fabulous about the whole thing was that we could see it move! At one point, it was playing with it’s ear. Another point, it looked like it was doing little sit-ups. It’s hands flexed open and shut. It’s mouth also opened and shut. And when we were finally ready to move on to determining the sex of the baby, we were just about to get a good picture, when it suddenly flinched away from us! It was a bummer, but at the same time so exciting to see it move! The tech pushed on my belly a little to get it move some more to a position where we could see the sex organs. Eventually, “it” was no longer an “it,” “it” was a “him”!! Very clearly a boy!! It was such a wonderful feeling to finally know that we were having a boy. Not an “it!” I could have stayed there looking at him forever. It was a little difficult to make out his features, like does he have Chris’s nose, or my eyes, etc. I guess some things will have to be a surprise when he comes out. But it was wonderful to no longer have him be just a lima bean, and actually see him as a fully fledged baby with arms and legs that move and squirm!

After the ultrasound part of the visit, we met with the doctor. She looked over everything and said that he looked to be completely average. That is a really good thing at this point. He can be extraordinary later. Right now the doctor wanted to see average. Not too big or small. Just where he should be. Right now I guess is the point where I am done with tests for the time being, and just hang out and wait for this little guy to grow. I am totally fine with that!

I am feeling great! The second trimester is really nice. I have a lot of my energy back. There is a limit to it, but I can do a lot more than I could when I was in my first trimester! I am still off the Mexican food. I hope that comes back after I have the baby because ordinarily, I do love to eat that kind of food. I guess we will see. I am craving milk/milk products these days a lot too! After seeing his little bones and how much they are growing, I guess I can understand why! I usually don’t like milk that much, but right now, I just can’t get enough of it. I just bought my second gallon this week, and I am the only one who drinks it in my house!!

Chris and I have officially moved to the new house. We are so incredibly glad to be here! The old house has yet to sell, but we were ready to go. I wanted to be moved out by the time I hit my 3rd trimester when I knew I wouldn’t have much energy to do it. We have left some of our furniture at the old house to try to help sell it. Doing things this way makes our quality of life much better. I am not worried about keeping things so clean all the time for example. The old house is staged and ready to go, so whenever anyone wants to come look at it, we don’t have to do a thing. Meanwhile we are getting set up at the new place. Each day it looks more and more like “our” home. And, now that we know we are having a boy, we can get right into setting up the nursery! We will post pictures as we begin to put everything together!

Hope everyone is doing well!