Sunday, October 16, 2011

Story Corps

Our Story Corps Recording: Noah's Story

I am really pleased with how Chris and I have managed to find new and unique ways to remember Noah since he passed away. Really, the sisterhood of mothers that have lost children is the product of a lot of great ideas about how to do this sort of thing. Today, I finally got to follow up on an idea that has been on my to-do list for quite a while, and it came from one of my fellow grieving mamas.

Story Corps is a program run by the Library of Congress that is a nation wide effort to remember the stories of today for future generations. They have "listening booths" set up in trailers that travel the country, giving those that sign up an hour of time to record their precious memories. You can take a family member in (like your grandma for instance) and interview them. Or, you can (as in our case) remember a loved one that has died. They have interview questions set up to help you along, or you can talk about whatever you'd like. All recordings are filed in the Library of Congress so that future generations doing genealogical research can find the recording of what you said and have an idea of what you were like, and what was most important to you.

They come through Denver once a year in October. I missed them last year because I was enormously pregnant with Aaron and knew there was a good chance I'd miss my appointment, so I waited. When they came this year, I told Chris that this was what I wanted for my birthday - to go talk about Noah in the Story Corps booth with him, and preserve what was most important about him for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. He wasn't just a relatively unknown tragedy in our family tree. He existed. He mattered. He was and is on our hearts every single day. I think we captured it well today.


Blogger Jules said...

Wow. That was an amazing tribute to Noah and a testament to what wonderful parents you are. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to go write Kleenex on my shopping list.

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