Tuesday, December 02, 2008

30 never looked so good!

This October I hit the big 3-0. I was feeling a little self conscious about this big birthday, so to help me get over it, Chris threw me a huge party to celebrate! About 55 people showed up. We had both kegs filled with my favorite beer, and we had planned to cater in Greek food from my favorite little place down the street. It is a little mom-and-pop-shop, owned by a Greek couple. We placed the order, and all seemed well, but when Chris went to pick up the food, there was a mix-up and they had nothing for us! In a pinch we ordered some Boriello Bros pizza. They totally came through for us and everyone loved it. I mean, what goes better with beer than pizza?! I drank a little too much, so the day after the party was a little rough, but overall it was a fantastic celebration and a great way to ring in a new decade!!


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