Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mary and Jason's Wedding

Yesterday two of our good friends got married. We were so excited. This wedding has been much anticipated over the last several months. I was a bridesmaid (the one on the far left), and my mom was the minister. They got married at the beautiful Shove Chapel on the Colorado College campus. It is a wonderful old gothic chapel, and I can't imagine a more amazing place for a wedding. It was kind of dark in there so our pictures came out a little dark and grainy. Mary and Jason hired a photographer that has a lot of experience taking pictures in there so I am sure their pictures will turn out a LOT better than ours!

After the wedding, we headed over to the reception at the City Hall in Manitou Springs. My friend Mary is a huge Napoleon Dynamite fan, and had some elements of the movie worked into the reception. The tables were all named for different characters. They had the Kip table, the LaFawnduh table, the Deb table, etc. And, the biggest surprise of all, all of the bridesmaids along with Mary learned the Napoleon dance and performed it for everyone. Mary originally wanted it to be her and Jason's first dance, but Jason quickly vetoed that idea (we don't blame him!!). All us the girls did have a great time learning the dance together, and were nervous but excited to perform it! We had arranged for Chris to have my laptop there with the video so we could have something to help us stay on track since that dance is VERY hard! When we went to do it my computer, of course, malfunctioned at the critical moment so we had to do it from memory!! As you can see, it was a little rough, but we got through it. Later in the evening, he had my laptop back up and running again, so we did the dance one more time to redeem ourselves. That round of it went a lot better! Enjoy the video clips. We had a lot of fun, and the guests loved it.

Mary and Jason, congratulations to both of you. We couldn't be more happy for you. Thanks for including us in your special day.


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