Sunday, October 21, 2007

Update on Sophie

It has been a few weeks since we got our little Sophie and she is just doing great. She has fit right in with our household, and we love her so much already. We finally taught her how to play. She loves smaller toys like fake mice, etc. She plays by herself quite a bit, and with us as well. She loves to chase her toys when we throw them too. She has a big appetite and considering how skinny she was when we first got her, we have allowed her to eat as much as she likes. As a result, she is filling out beautifully and her coat is looking much better! We take her back to the vet next weekend for another round of vaccinations, and I am eager to see how much she weighs. She just looks so much better. She is slowly starting to see that Maggie is not out to get her. They have touched noses a few times, and Chris even just grabbed me to show me that they were both relaxing in front of our large living room window together watching the world go by. That is so great! We still do have moments though, when Maggie is somewhere that Sophie doesn't expect, so her ears go back and she starts hissing at Maggs, but I think we are doing a good job of trying to dispell those moments as quickly as possible. We are so glad that we got her. It is great to have a cat again. And this one is so nice. Whenever friends or family come over, she is not shy to jump right into their laps and start snuggling. We feel really blessed to have her.


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