Sunday, October 07, 2007

Welcome Sophie!

Hello everybody! It has been a while since we last had news to share. We have had a busy summer, and all is well with us here. I want to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Sophie! It has been a little over a year since we lost Rosie, and it has taken us some time to get to the place where we were ready for our next cat. We had been starting to talk about it this summer. Cats are just such nice companions and we miss having that small but mighty presence in our house! My brother happened to be out at a Petco the other day looking for something for his dog, when he saw a sweet little calico cat in their adoption center. My family has a special place in our hearts for calicos having grown up with one who is just about the nicest cat you would ever meet. This calico that he saw had a very sweet personality, beautiful markings and was in need of a good home after giving birth to a litter of 5 kittens! Her kittens had already been adopted, and Sophie was left needing a good home. Chris, Maggo and I went down there yesterday to check her out. I took one look at her and just knew she would be perfect for us! We bought her, took her straight to the vet to have her checked out, and then brought her home. She came from the Humane Society ultimately, and as some of you may know, many of their animals can come with bugs of some variety or another. She checked out completely clean. Her poor little body needs some feeding up after having babies. She only weighs 6 pounds! That is easy enough to fix. And, her teeth need a cleaning very badly, which we will do once she gets all of her vaccinations caught up. She is SUCH a great kitty! She loves to follow me around in whichever room of the house I am working in. If I stand still for any length of time, she rubs up against my legs. She loves EVERYBODY. Anyone she meets is a new best friend. The one exception is Maggie. She is really not so sure about having a dog for a sister, which is funny because Maggie is very used to cats, and doesn't pursue her at all. She could really care less. That will just take some time. Sophie is young enough and sweet enough, she will eventually learn how cool it is for her to have her very own dog! She doesn't know how to play yet. We show her toys, and she is interested, but doesn't quite know what to do with them. That will take some work. She is just such a love, all she wants to do is snuggle which is just fine by us! Because she is so mellow, I think we will have no problems keeping her as an indoor cat. We are on the brink of winter anyways, so I think we will revisit the indoor/outdoor issue when the weather warms up again in the spring. She is pretty needy, so I don't think she would venture far if we let her out. We will see. We are just so excited to have her a part of our family. When I thought of my life as an adult when I was growing up, I always pictured having both a cat and a dog, and it feels great to have that back again.

I hope everything is going well with each of you. Drop us a line when you get a chance! Happy fall!


Anonymous Wendy said...

Welcome Sophie! What a great thing your mom and dad did adopting you after your babies were gone. Most people only want the kittens. You are lucky to be in such a good home. Love from Tikita, Astrid and Carmella!

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