Sunday, January 02, 2005

Yesterday we were all feeling kind of sluggish after New Year's Eve. The whole meal that my dad cooked turned out to be amazing. And we blew through so much wine, you wouldn't believe it. We all had a wonderful time. Every year in Colorado Springs on New Years, there is a select group of people who climb to the top of Pike's Peak and then set off fireworks at midnight. Each year they initiate a new member into this club, and the new member has to lead the way to the top. I had totally forgotten about this tradition. The last time I saw the fireworks, I was living in Colorado Springs a few years ago, and saw the fireworks from there. They didn't look like much, since Pikes Peak is high enough up away from Colorado Springs. Watching them from Woodland Park, they were much more amazing to look at. It was so nice to just walk out onto the porch with my sweetie at midnight and watch it. It was a nice night.


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