Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lemony Snicket

Maybe we have been in Florida long enough. The neighbors are starting to ask us, “Are you ever going to go back to work?” We just laugh and say “Not if we can help it!” At first it was just one neighbor, and we brushed it off, but now more than just the one has asked us that. Uh, oh. We’ve been found out. Time to go.

We saw the new Lemony Snicket movie “The series of Unfortunate Events” yesterday. It was really good. I love the books. I read them a couple of years ago. They are better than the movie and go into greater detail, which usualy seems to be the case when a book is made into a movie. Chris hadn’t read them, and he loved the movie, so go see it if you want something fun to do.


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