Monday, January 03, 2005

Today is so nice. Amber at Patrick left to go home today, and everyone else went back to work. It was a little sad saying goodbye. Patrick gave be a nice little hug and said “Bye bye,” but now the house is quiet and it is so nice. I have been catching up on laundry, and getting organized. It’s nice to kind of get things in order again. The part that sucks is that now I have to really start looking for jobs. I hate looking for jobs! Oh well. The sooner I get on with it, the sooner Chris and I can buy a house and be reunited with our things again. Lately I keep thinking about something of ours that I want to use, and then it hits me…oh, yeah…it’s in the storage unit. We have all of the basic things we need, its just silly little stuff, like my cake decorating supplies, or Chris’s homebrew equipment, or whatever. Speaking of cake decorating equipment, I made another cake. My mom keeps talking about this one she saw at a wedding that she really liked. I made a prototype of it. It was stacked 3 levels high at the wedding. This is just a one layer model. You still get the point though. I have had to improvise with cake decorating tools, but I’ve done ok with these last 2 cakes, haven’t I? Well, I had better get going. Just wanted to say hello today.


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