Friday, January 14, 2005

Interview anyone? Does anyone want to talk to me please?

So how many resumes does a girl have to send out before she gets a call for an interview??? I have been at this (hold on...let me check my records) 8 days and have sent out 28 resumes, done some major networking and nothing yet. I guess the key number back there was 8 days. Maybe I just need to hang in there longer. I did have one semi-interview at a company that I won't name, but it's a major resort and hotel here in Colorado Springs (maybe you can figure it out from there). They insist on everyone turning in resumes to do so in person, which I did, and then they do a preliminary interview on site. I was HORRIFIED when the HR person told me how much the position paid. It is a job very similar to what I have already done, working for non-profits (organizations that have NO money) and I didn't get paid much at those places, but it was still significantly more than what I would be earning if I worked at this hotel doing the same thing. I have since heard that this place has huge turnover, which says to me maybe they don't treat their employees well (they obviously don't get paid much) so forget them. Like I said...they interview everyone who walks in the door, so that one really doesn't count. It is hard because I have no concept of time any more now that Chris and I don't have a set schedule (most of the time we have no idea what day of the week it is) so it feels like I have been doing this for longer than I really have. Oh, well. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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