Saturday, January 08, 2005

Happy Saturday!

Today we finally had a successful sledding day! We meant to take pictures, but once we got to the top of the hill, we had the digital camera with us, but discovered that we accidentally left the memory card at the computer…oops! So we owe you some pictures, and I’m sure we’ll go out again because it was so much fun, and we’ll be sure to post them. Today the snow was packed down pretty good from my family driving on it, and Chris really wanted to give it a try. He FLEW down the hill! It was awesome, and of course, Maggie went chasinng after him. She likes that better than actually riding on the sled. She thinks of it more as a race. I went down the hill a few times too, and the most eventful rides where when Chris and I both went on the sled. It was much harder to control, and a couple of times we almost slid off into the ditch (my parents have these ditches in front of their house that they eventually plan to turn into ponds I think) Anyways, it was pretty exciting and TONS of fun. We were both wet, frozen and exhausted by the time we were done. And laughing our heads off.

Rosie, our cat, is doing really great this week. She pretty much just stayed down in the basement the first week or so, and now finally she has come upstairs. She is still terrified of our 100 lb. golden restriever Sigmund. She hisses at him, and he barks back, and it scares the bejesus out of her. But she is so brave and still continues to explore. She even went outside on the porch for a little while yesterday. I think she’s going to be ok out here.


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