Monday, December 08, 2008

Not just a flu bug...

Today we had our first visit with the Obstetrician. It was so exciting! We went in, filled out some forms, answered some questions on our family histories, and then moved onto the best part - the ultrasound! I was really looking forward to this part. Even though I have passed several pregnancy tests, including a blood test at my regular doctor, missed two periods, and have all the regular symptoms there still is a small nagging doubt that maybe I am just sick or something? Maybe this isn't real? Well, very shortly after the doctor got me set up on the machine, she announced that she saw a heartbeat! She could see a lima-bean shaped being there that was very much alive and healthy. She swung the screen around so I could see and sure enough, there it was! The heartbeat was faint, but we could just see it. And you can kind of make out a head and a body. I couldn't help crying. It was just so cool. One heartbeat, so no twins (thank God!). Everything looked to be where it was supposed to be from what we could tell. As soon as it was possible, Chris was there with the video camera trying to get as much recorded as he could so we could watch it again and again later. The doctor said that it is hard stuff for a video camera to make out. He will be home later, so we will see. If there is anything interesting, we will post it. Both of us were pretty moved by what we saw. It is real! The doctor confirmed my due date of July 16, so no changes there. She said that I am not allowed to do any more bike riding (doh!) or anything that gets my heart rate up above 140. Tough news since that is usually my goal when I work out - to get my heart rate above 140 and keep it there for at least 30 minutes. I will have to scale that back. They took several vials of blood and had me do the "wiz quiz" to check for anything out of the ordinary. I am done for a month! I go back again after Christmas. We went to Culver's afterwards for milkshakes to celebrate and look at our pictures. It may just look like a blob of goo to many of you, but I guess because we not only saw it, but saw it's little heart beating, it takes on much more meaning. We are so excited.


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