Friday, March 23, 2007

A Tribute to a Very Loved Member of the Family

Today, we decided to finally put our 14 year old dog Sigmund to sleep. His quality of life had significantly diminished, having severe arthritis, bone cancer, and he was completely blind. He had decided he no longer wanted to eat, causing him to lose about 30 pounds. Mom got him up for a walk this morning and he could hardly move. It was time.

Mom called me on my way into work to let me know that she was going to do it, and to see if I could come along. I immediately called into work, and met her at the house. Together, we got him loaded up in the car, and we headed for the vet’s office. It was really touching. The vet had seen him often over the last few years, so as she administered the euthanasia, she was crying right along with us. He went very quickly and easily. The whole thing probably took less than a minute. I had his head in my lap, and mom was right at his side, and we just loved on him as he went. After it was over, he looked so peaceful. Like he was asleep on the basement floor of the house, like how he spent most afternoons.

We were so blessed to have had 14 years with him, which is highly unusual for a dog of his size. He was off the vet’s age charts. If he were human, he would be well over 100 years old. We knew that this would come sooner or later. It was difficult finding just the right time to say goodbye. Chris’s Aunt, Wendy Crosby, told me last summer when Rosie was sick that they let you know when the time is right. I think he let us know. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward. There is a giant hole in my parent’s house that he used to fill. He was such a wonderful dog, and we will never forget him!


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