Sunday, February 04, 2007

Christmas Pictures

I wanted to share these pictures. Wendy Crosby, Chris’s aunt, took them at Christmas. We seem to so rarely have good pictures together! We are usually places where we are together, just the 2 of us, so either one ot the other of us has to take the picture, so this was a nice treat. Chris and I went to Kansas City this year for Christmas. It was so nice to see everyone again. Chris’s brother Mark was home from the Army. It was our first time seeing him since he joined and went through basic training. He really looked good and seemed to be so happy with his choice. We are really excited for him, and proud of all he has accomplished. Chris’s sister Laura and her husband Tyler also joined us for Christmas. It is always fun to hang out and catch up with them. They are doing great as usual. And it was fun to spend time with his parents. They had just re-done their kitchen this last year, and this was the first Christmas with this amazing new kitchen! They had the house all decorated, and it was such a nice place to spend the holidays! We did end up spending a few extra days out there because there were such horrible snow storms in Colorado that had the highways closed. There are far worse places to get stuck than at the Wilkerson’s! It was a nice week. We slept late, saw lots of relatives, watched movies, and we did a day trip down to Springfield. We saw lots of old friends, and of course, went to visit the bike shop among other old haunts! It was great to be there. Our life together in Springfield seems like so long ago! I guess it has been 6 years since we lived there! We hope to try to go back to Kansas City again this summer for a long weekend.


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Wilkerson I came across the link to your blog! Good to see that the two of you are doing well!! I'll check back soon...Cale

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