Thursday, May 07, 2009

PUPPPs Remedies

Just in case I ever run into another woman suffering from PUPPPs in her 3rd trimester like I am, I want to document what I am doing – what works for me. I have found the following remedies helpful:

• Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap – No kidding, this stuff smells like shoe leather, but it is great for easing irritable skin. DO NOT shower in hot water. Hot things agitate the rash, so keep the water lukewarm. Soap up, and then use a shower puff to really rub this stuff in well and make a good lather. Let it sit on your skin for a minute or two, and then rinse it off. It takes about a week to get to the point that it starts making a difference. You can find it at your local natural foods store. Chris got mine at the Mountain Mama on Uintah. The hippie at the checkout counter was like “Dude…you know what this stuff smells like, right?” Awesome.
• Eucerin Calming Cream – After I get out of the shower, I lather this on all over my rash. Put it in the refrigerator to add the cooling effect. It’s awesome.
• Sarna Anti-Itch Lotion – This cools off the itching immediately. If you use it too much, it stops working. If you have a large area that is really bothering you (tummy, back, etc) this cuts down the itching immediately.
• Hydrocortisone Cream – Also works immediately.
• My doctor prescribed steroids. I take 40mg of Prednisone a day. I also have Hydroxyzine 25mg to take as needed. I pretty much just use the Prednisone though. They work great, but it is a hefty dose, and it is unclear what it does to the baby.
• I am also seeing an Acupuncturist who is doing Naet treatment on me (a variety of acupressure. Pronounced “nie-et”). Read below for more details on that. I can’t comment on if it is working or not because I am still too new at it.


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I forgot to include the Dandelion Extract tablets. Those help too. Take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening (or whatever the bottle says). It is supposed to help as well! You can get them at your natural food store.

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