Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Half Way There!

Just an update on Chris and the Tour of Colorado. He has made it half way through. They do 3 days of riding, have one rest day, and then do 3 more days on the bike. Today is his rest day. Yesterday was one of the longest days…he had to do 92 miles. He came through like a champ. My mom called me the other day and told me that he and my dad are doing really well in comparison to the other riders. Chris was being modest and said that there were people better than him, but that he was hanging in there. Mom said that they were kicking people’s butts out there! I am so glad that he is doing well. They get started at about 7am every morning, and depending on how far they have to go, they finish up about early to mid afternoon. Because my dad is old and a wuss, he has had them staying at some decent hotels (everyone else camps out) where they have had hot tubs, and as soon as he and Chris finish up, they go sit in the hot tubs for a while. I think that Chris said that one of the places where they stayed, they had natural hot springs, and had filled the pools with the water from them (or something along those lines), so they have been doing this whole thing in style. I don’t want to tell you too much, since Chris wants to post pictures and tell you about it himself, but just wanted everyone to know that so far, he has been doing great.

While I am writing, I will give you an update on Chris’s hops too. Just after Chris posted pictures of his hops plants, and got all excited that they were actually growing, we had this huge hail storm that completely demolished our garden…including the hops! It hailed for about an hour and a half. It looked like it had lightly snowed at our house. It was crazy. The hops are still there, they just don’t look so hot. I have been watering them, and trying to give them some TLC this week while Chris is gone, but there is nothing impressive that I can take a picture of for you. I am sure they will bounce back, and hopefully later in the summer, we can post some more pictures of it, and show you how great they are doing.
Think some good thoughts for Chris as he continues on with his ride!


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