Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bathroom Rennovation

As most of you know, we have successfully gutted our bathroom! It was so sorely needed. Our bathroom prior to the change was known by many names…the ladies room (because of the pink fru-fru), the pink plastic palace, etc. It was COVERED in faux plastic materials that were so, so, so ugly! And poorly installed. We haven’t posted this change yet because we are still not finished with it. It is just going to take some time to finish off the other pieces. We did the following:

• Stripped the shower area down to the studs. We put up new mold and mildew resistant drywall.
• Tiled the shower. We added a soap dish (that we didn’t have before), and a couple of shelves for all of my bazillions of shampoos and conditioners
• We pulled the faux tile off the walls, and replaced it with wainscoting.
• We painted out the pink, and replaced it with blue and white
• We changed out the shower curtain and bath mats to something a little more gender-neutral (you are welcome Chris!!)
• Put up new baseboards (they are not yet nailed in because we still need to replace the floor)

We still need to finish the following:
• Paint the ceiling
• Replace the floor (thanks to our Brother-In-Law Tyler, we have the flooring. We just need to install it)
• Change out the drain and lever that switches between the tub and the shower to the new brushed nickel stuff we are now using. Again, we have what we need to do it. Just need to install it!

The home improvement projects never stop. We plan to do our kitchen next. We want to paint the cabinets white (they are blue and white now). We want to change out the countertops and the sink. We want to replace the floor as well. And we need to re-wire a few things. We hope to do that in the next few months so stay tuned for more “before and after” pictures!


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