Saturday, September 23, 2006

Summer in Colorado?

We got a lot of snow in the mountains yesterday. It snowed the whole day in Woodland Park while I was at work. It was too warm to stick to anything, until about the time that I went home (which was GREAT timing for me!!). Down in the Springs it just rained all day. I just woke up and took Maggo for a walk and caught a glimpse of the mountains now that the clouds and moved on. Isn't this so crazy? Chris kept saying all day yesterday that it is technically still summer, and really, in most other parts of the country it is. We remember it being rainy a lot this time of year in Kansas City, but still warm. Anyhoo, you can see how the snow was only in the mountains. There is a line where the snow ended and the rain began. It is beautiful and green here in the Springs, and a winter wonderland up in the mountains.


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