Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Surgery...

Chris went back to the doctor today to get more x-rays done and see how things are healing. He has done about a month of physical therapy, and all seems to be going well except his right thumb has been causing him problems. He has not been able to get much movement back in it, and has had a lot of pain. His physical therapist thought right away that maybe he had ruptured a tendon. We mentioned this to the doctor today, and sure enough, after thoroughly checking Chris out, that is in fact what has happened. He will never get his dexterity back in that thumb unless they operate on it and repair the damage. The surgery will be next Friday (June 16) at 10:45am. Please pray for him! They will take a tendon from his wrist and put it in his thumb. There is a muscle in your arm that attaches to this particular tendon that will have to be stretched back in place. Fortunately, it is an out-patient surgery, so no more nights in the hospital. The goal is for him to have the surgery Friday, recover over the weekend, and then hopefully be back at work on Monday. They had a physical therapist in the office that talked with us and the doctor. The doctor was pretty set on Chris having to wear another cast for a while as he heals after the surgery. The physical therapist talked him down to a splint so he can keep on with his physical therapy and not lose all the hard work he has put into his other fingers/wrist. Chris is pretty disappointed over all. We both really thought we were on the downhill side of all of this. Hopefully this will be it though as far as the major things go. Check back on Friday or Saturday of next week. I will post after he gets back home so you can hear how it went.


Anonymous Arla said...

Hey bro...sorry to hear the bad news :( Ty and I hope everything goes okay. We'll be praying for you.

8:06 AM  

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