Saturday, June 03, 2006

Scene of the Crime

While mark was out here visiting, we decided to hike the trail that I crashed my bike on. I don't think we could have picked a hotter day to hike in the desert (which Colorado pretty-much is, don't let the green license plates fool you). Sarah and Maggie went too. We took lots of water, but Maggs still seemed to get too hot. We think she burned her feet also, as she was limping later that evening. Anyway, it was quite a climb up to where the downhill started, about a mile and a half. It was good to start downhill, except that I was beginning to feel a little anxious. When we got to the place where I crashed, my heart was beating pretty fast. I kept playing what I could remember back in my mind. I was relieved to move past that section.
We were all grateful to get back to the car and the air-conditioning. Especially Maggie. I told her not to wear black.


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