Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Nobody's grass is as green as ours..." - Unknown

We had a fun weekend putting some major finishing touches on the back yard. Chris has marked off the whole back corner of the yard for a seating area and perennial garden. We finally put it all together, and we are just so excited with how it turned out!! The neighbors keep coming over to check it out, which totally boosts our egos. We put in a firepit, a bench and two chairs, and got a great start on a perennial garden. We went to Lowes and Wal Mart and went through the rows and rows of plants to find only those that are perennials, and that require little to no mositure (PERFECT for Colorado!) We found lots of interesting thinks like Phlox, Bishop's Bush, Juniper, Navajo Butterfly Bush, and Rosie's favorite: Catmint! We still have a ways to go with filling out the space, but it feels good to have a strong start on it. We plan to continue to add plants, and maybe some of the torch lanterns. (I think someone should talk to my husband becuase he seems to be obsessed with the fire things...) Anyhoo, enjoy the pictures, and feel free to stop by sometime to have a beer out of the kegerator and sit and enjoy it in the garden!

And PS - Our grass is coming up like you would not belive! You can see a little of it in the picture!


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