Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tour of Colorado: Day 4

Rest Day!!!!!!!

After over 200 miles and 2 mountain passes, I think we'd earned it. The town of Crested Butte is crazy for bikes. There are bike racks everywhere, and people riding all over town. It's even the home of the National Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. They were hosting a bike "festival" in the middle of town. We drove down from Gunnison to see some of the sights. There are some neat little shops in town, everything from t-shirts to pottery stores. We ate lunch at a pizza place that was serving smoked barbeque on the back deck. It was good; not Kansas City good, but really good for Colorado!

One of the festival events was a bike rodeo. They had three events: a "how slow can you go" contest, a "barrel" riding contest, and a bike limbo. To win the "how slow can you go", you had to be the last one across the finish line with out putting a foot down. The "barrel" race involved riding around three trash cans. We didn't watch the bike limbo, but it is pretty self-explanatory. And no, none of us participated in any of the events. I might have done the barrel ride if they had had a tiny kids bike like we used to race around the aisles at A&B Cycle in Springfield, MO.


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