Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Shut Up and Enjoy Paradise!

I love being here, but I just have one gripe…which a few of you that have been here before will understand. We have 3 trash pick up days. Monday, they come get recycle stuff, Tuesday, they do regular trash, and Wednesday, they do yard waste. The island where the house is is so small – it consists of one main street that runs down the length of the island, and then several streets stem off of the main street where all of the houses are. The little streets are so narrow, and don’t connect to anything (they are all mostly dead end streets) the trash trucks usually just back down the streets, then drive back up, picking up trash along the way. When they back up, they beep really loudly. Here’s the problem…they come at 6am on the dot every morning. What the heck?! How does anyone sleep around here??? When we first got here, our next door neighbor Michael was talking to us about it. He tried to get the neighbors together to make a complaint about it to the trash company, and everyone told him to pretty much shut up and enjoy paradise. It made me laugh when he told me that. And as it turns out, they usually just send one guy in the truck to do the trash. This poor guy has to drive the tuck a little ways, get out and pick up the trash, then get back in the truck and drive some more. That’s nuts.


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