Monday, December 13, 2004


Ahhh, Florida in the wintertime! It is so gorgeous here. So far it has been in the 80’s and sunny every day. This week is a little cooler…in the 70’s. We have been here for a month and a half so far. This is going to be our last full week here. The following week, we have to pack it all up and head back to Kansas City for Christmas. It will be great to see everyone again, but I will miss being here. After Christmas, we will head out to Colorado to see my family, and have no plans as to what to do after that. We’ll figure that out later I guess. So more on Florida… Rosie, our cat, has learned how to climb trees and catch lizards. I feel like I hardly see her, she just wants to be outside all the time. And Maggie, our dog, has made friends with all the other dogs on the street. We also discovered (with the help of my brother) a dog beach area, where you can take your dog off their leash to let them swim and play with other dogs. We’ve been a couple of times, and she just loves it. I’ve been to the beach a bunch to walk or just sit and read my book. Chris has been a few times, but has mostly been glued to his computer working. But don’t feel too bad for him. He’s happy to be working on projects he enjoys…building his portfolio, and looking for jobs. Life is just so relaxing here. Ok…more tomorrow!


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