Sunday, December 12, 2004

Here's where we are now...

Some of you may not have any idea where we are and what we are doing right now since it has been a while since we’ve last caught up. Here’s the scoop:
We were living in a suburb of Kansas City called Lee’s Summit in a really cute little house…our first house we’ve ever bought. Up until last spring, I was working for a shelter for victims of domestic violence. I eventually decided that I’d had enough, and left that job. In the meantime, a friend of mine had convinced me to take a cake decorating class with her. She ended up not liking it very much and dropped out. I on the other hand LOVED it and found that I was pretty good at it. I have been making money on the side selling wedding cakes, birthday cakes, shower cakes, etc. It is a lot of fun and a cool way to make extra money just working out of my own kitchen. Everything was going pretty well last summer, until late July when Chris was laid off from his job at Sprint. Chris had been kind of getting clues from folks in his office that there was a pretty good chance that there would be layoffs, which gave us time to plan what we’d do if that happened. He is trained to do 3D computer animation and at Sprint, they had him doing anything but computer animation. Also, the corporate lifestyle just didn’t fit him at all. He really hoped to find a job in the video game industry, which is located mostly in California or New York. Since that was our goal, and unless he wants another corporate job, he won’t find work he’d enjoy in Kansas City, we decided to go ahead and sell our house. We sold it last October, and are now currently hanging out at my parent’s house in Florida. So there you have it… unemployed and homeless, but we’re having a great time. It has been awesome to have all of this time off together, and to get to spend it in Florida is so nice. We have been looking for jobs still while we are here. Chris has had a few leads but nothing has turned up yet. We are starting to look at other options. We have a few ideas swimming around in our heads, and I’m sure if you keep checking our site, you’ll get updates as we figure things out. In the meantime, we’ll have to tell you all about Florida. Check back tomorrow!


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