Thursday, August 03, 2006

Progress Report

Yesterday afternoon the weather was so nice and sunny, I decided to try taking Rosie outside. She can't run, jump or climb, so I didn't worry about her running off on me. She and Maggs and I just sat on the back patio and relaxed. I could tell it meant the world to her. She just had that content look in her eyes. She even started to clean herself a little, which I will be honest, is sorely needed! Since that went so well, today I was determined to get her back out there. This evening we spent about an hour sitting outside, and while we were out there, she crawled her way over to Maggie's outside water bowl, and hoisted herself up to take a nice long drink! This is the first time she has consumed anything that we didn't shove down her throat, so that was huge. Chris came home from work while we were out there. He and I talked about how she hasn't really eaten. I can tell that she is hungry becuase she will lick her food, but she just won't take a bite. Chris had a brilliant brain storm...when Maggie is sick and won't eat, we have to make her a "doggie milkshake" where we blend up her food with some warm water to make a paste. It ALWAYS works. So...we came up with a concoction that I call a "fish smoothie" made from a can of her wet food, mixed with a little veggie oil and some heavy whipping cream to make it smooth and creamy. She LOVED it and ate maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of it!!! Progress!! (Although, for the record, Chris almost tossed his cookies and vowed to NEVER use the blender again!) It is so hard to not get discouraged, when she won't eat or drink and can't hardly walk. Chris says we have no idea what she will be like once she starts to eat and drink again so not to lose hope. Now that we had this great hour with her outside, I hope we can keep this going and start to see some more progress. I can definately see how important it is to make sure she spends some time outside. It just makes her feel so good.


Anonymous wendy said...

Hey guys, great news! You can also try feeding her baby food, we had to do that with a sick kitty once. Sounds like she likes her sardine smoothie though! Keep up the good work!

11:10 AM  

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