Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today's Update

In true to Sarah fashion, I wrote way too much (down below). If you don’t feel like reading it all, that’s ok. Just please pray for my Rosie. Here’s the update for today…

We have her home again tonight. The vet gave us some wet food that she seemed to like. She took a few little bites which is a GREAT step in the right direction! As soon as she eats, like, really eats, she gets to stay home. The vet remarked that she looked better after spending last night at home. I slept on the floor next to her so in case she needed help in the middle of the night I would be there. She LOVED that. I plan to do it again tonight. We found a new favorite I think. Usually, when she is injured or is sick, I put some tissue paper in a box, and she will sleep happily in there for days at a time. This time, because she has difficulty walking, the box idea doesn’t work so well. So, we have modified the idea to a shopping bag with tissue. She was even playing with me a little bit while she was in there. I am so ready for us to get to the point that she doesn’t have to go to the vet any more so we can start working these extra things, mainly the IV, out of her body and see how she does.


Anonymous Laura said...

Hey Guys!!! I am so sorry to hear about Rosie and I am glad she is doing better. Morgan and Trigger send their love! Keep us updated! -Laura

8:45 AM  
Anonymous wendy said...

Hi Sarah, very sorry to hear about Rosie, she sure is a cutie and hope all goes well and she will be fine. Sounds like you will need a PayPal donation button on your site for expenses...
Tikita and Narcissus send their very best to Rosie.

10:52 AM  
Blogger farmgrl96 said...

Get well soon Rosie! Keep us posted as to how she is doing - we will be thinking of her.
Steve, Michelle, & Daisy

12:05 PM  
Blogger kcdad said...

This is dad in KC. I just read your sad tale about Rosie the cat. We know exactly what you are going through and how you feel because we have been through it twice with Mr. Kitty. The first time was when he got eaten by something, and the next when he also ate something that made him realllllly sick. Steve wasn't sure the was going to pull through but after a lot of antibiotics and good care (aka $$$$) he managed to survive. I'm sure Rosie will be ok in a while, just will take time. He also used to be an outdoor cat but now he spends most of his time inside where it is safe. Keep us posted on her progress. Love you guys.

4:43 PM  

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