Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Thanks for all of the sweet notes you guys have sent! I keep passing them on to Chris and it makes him smile. He is getting stronger every day. His fingers have been so swollen and bruised, and slowly that is getting better. I think he will be ready for his casts come Thursday. That will be so nice. His hands are just splinted right now, and it makes me nervous that it isn't as secure a bandage as it could be. We finally had the chance to check out his GPS which he had on him (and yes there have been jokes about "retreiveing his black box," etc) to see just how fast he was going. Turns out he was going 31 mph when he crashed. For those of you more familiar with bike riding, that is just ridiculously fast for one to be going on a mountain bike! I think he has learned his lesson. We had a small victory yesterday. We took him to our regular doctor to have his stitches and road rash checked out. The doctor says that the road rash looks like it is healing well, and that we need to keep going like how we have been. His stitches came out (he had stitches in his chin) which is a huge relief! It has been hard being able to keep him clean without getting all of his cuts and scrapes too wet, and now we don't have to worry about his chin any more. We just have to keep some neosporin on it to minimize how big of a scar he will have. Aside from all of that we are just hanging out here, helping him do everything becuase he can't use his hands. He is really getting bored and antsy and not liking not being able to use his hands for basic things. That's all for now. I will write more after we see the doctor on Thursday!


Anonymous Jim Wilkerson said...

Sarah, Chris

Wendy and I are so sorry to hear about Chris' mishap, but we're glad that he's on the mend. It could have been much worse, I suppose, but I'm not going to say he was lucky... I really can't imagine what it's like to not be able to use my hands! That must make for some very interesting situations. I'm sure it will be quite hilarious - some day. In the meantime, you are both in our thoughts and, as always, we wish you both the very best and for a very speedy recovery for Chris!

Sarah, try not to take too much advantage of the situation - Chris can't really defend himself, but he will soon! and Chris - you owe her big-time now!



PS Great job on the blog and keep us posted.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Phillip Ruminski said...

Like the car, but what's up with the guy falling off of his bicycle!

12:47 PM  

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